CleanAir HVO Renewable Diesel Lower your Emissions

Renewable Diesel


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CleanAir HVO on the left - Red Diesel on the right!

As efficient as Red Diesel

Longer shelf life than Red Diesel and it repels water

Same maintenance schedules

Can be blended with Red Diesel with no issues: no engine modifications are needed

Cleaner on the generator than Red Diesel

Far Less Emissions than Red Diesel including NOx (-35%) and Particulates (-85%). Same flash point as Red Diesel, so no engine oil issues

Higher cetane value (75+) to gas oil (46-48), and so better cold starts, better combustion efficiency, and less noise

A natural CFPP of below -32o C vs Gas oil’s -12o C to -16o C resulting in far better cold weather performance than Red Diesel

With ROCs and no Duty in an electricity generator, cheaper than Red Diesel

Depending on the feed source, 52% to 90% carbon saving

Being a ASTM D975 2D fuel, Engine manufacturers warrants the fuel 100%

Change your Diesel Fuel not your Diesel Engine

Transport for London Approves CleanAir HVO for use on London Buses

Inmesol Generators approves CleanAir HVO for use on it’s Diesel Generators

Renewable Diesel or Red Diesel?

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California Signs Off on Renewable Diesel

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