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Renewable Diesel


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What is Renewable Diesel?

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Renewable Diesel is derived from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, HVO, is used as an alternative fuel for diesel engines. HVO is an attractive alternative due to the fact that it is chemically equivalent to petroleum diesel and can be used in diesel engines without blend walls or modifications required for e.g. Biodiesel.

HVO is free of aromatics and sulfur, has a high cetane number and low greenhouse gas emissions from a life cycle perspective. Through isomerization of the HVO, the cloud point of the fuel can be adjusted. This lowers the temperature at which wax in the fuel becomes solid (which can result in clogged fuel filters and injectors) in order to improve cold properties of the fuel.

HVO is currently the third largest biofuel by volume in the world. As there are many advantages with the fuel, the production of HVO has seen a large increase in the past years, and the growth of the HVO market has overtaken the mature ethanol and biodiesel industries.

Our HVO is sourced exclusively from Neste Oil, Neste is a major player on the global HVO market and owns and operates three HVO production plants. In the coming years, there are plans to further increase the production capacity to roughly 2.9 billion litres per year by 2015, and 3.3 billion litres per year by 2017. Neste Oil also has plans for a plant in Denmark to produce 500 million litres of HVO per year based on slaughterhouse wastes, in collaboration with OKQ8.